Masters Swimming Club


Whether you want to improve your stroke, get fit and healthy or get faster, we can help. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you can swim, what’s important is that you enjoy swimming and are looking to improve. Our members are people of all ages, backgrounds and swimming abilities. Come down and join in for a few weeks before deciding if our club is right for you. The club participates in swimming training and skill development sessions, swimming carnivals, ocean and open water swimming events and social activities throughout the year. You can be involved in as many or as few of these as you like.






Swimming is one of the most effective forms of non-weight bearing exercise for:

• Improving heart and lung capacity

• Lowering blood pressure

• Improving muscle tone and posture

• Promoting health and wellbeing



Leisurepark Masters Swimming provides training throughout the week to suit all levels of swimmers. We have a qualified coach who provides a variety of swimming programs for stamina, distance and stroke development which includes various sets of distances and strokes. Ongoing assessment of you technique will help you reach your goals.



Membership is open to all adults aged 18 years and older and our motto at Masters Swimming is: fitness, friendship and fun. We encourage adults regardless of age or ability to swim regularly to improve fitness and general health and wellbeing.

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